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At Grand Gousier, we have a passion for sharing our love of food with everyone.

We believe meat tastes delicious and we are devoted to offering the highest-quality vegetarian products that are so good you won’t feel you are sacrificing anything.




We develop new recipes with chefs and food scientists in our foodlab in Paris. Get ready for a brand new experience.

Redécouvrez le bacon

en version végétale

20 fois moins d’émissions de CO2 

Compatible avec un régime végétarien et sans porc

Un taux de protéines élevé

8 fois moins de graisses saturées 

Fabriqué en France



love it

Just had a bite. As a vegetarian I feel like I’ve died and gone to heaven.

It tastes amazing.


your questions

Apart from our partnership with Bagel Corner restaurants that distribute our old vegetarian recipe, our products are now 100% vegan! Our products contain no animal ingredients. This makes our products perfect vegetarian substitutes in your favorite recipes: quiches, bagels, burgers, salads, pizzas, tartiflette, carbonara, etc.


Compared to pork belly, our products have a higher protein ratio, 8x less saturated fat and are source of fiber. However, we matched the salt content of pork bacon/lardons to provide the same intensity: consume moderately if you are watching your salt intakes. 
No nitrates/nitrites or controversial additives are added 🙂


Our plant-based fat ! Animal fat is what makes meat delicious, by infusing during the cooking and creating a very intense experience. Unfortunately, it is saturated fats. We managed to develop a plant-based fat that perfectly mimics the behavior of animal fat. As a result, our products sizzle during cooking and offer a delicious and crispy experience ! 


Absolutely not! All our recipes are made from non-GMO soya proteins.


All our products are made with love in our culinary workshop in France.


Based in France, Grand Gousier gathers a team of 12 passionate people who want to share their love for sustainable and tasty food.